All I want is education, and I am afraid of no one
Malala Yousafzai

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The walking dead// Rick Grimes dad jokes redux

the walking dead// Rick Grimes dad jokes part 1

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What year is this

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There’s a reason I hated that sappy, watery, pathetic book. Now I know what it is.

what a great guy ._.

you fuckin shitty ass writer, you shitty ass human being with your trash ass books and movies. how fuckin dare you?

White people..



this “b)” is just mike wazovski with sunglasses





#mmmmmmmm nooooooo on conner and michaela  #like big no like i would honestly switch their alignments  #and wes i would put as chaotic good  #but yeah no to michaela being neutral evil  #like i’m pissed at her but there is no way in fuck that conner isn’t on the ‘evil’ spectrum too at least  #and of all the quotes to isolate for her too  #like she had more quotes than that to choose from  (x)

cheating white boy who has outed people and literally caused a suicide = neutral

black woman who has said some homophobic and biphobic things = evil

like dont get me wrong im not at all ok with the things michaela has said but connor has been doing far worse and the fandom gives him a lot of free passes because hes a hot white boy

cat: places paw tentatively on boob
me: please–
cat: presses paw down on boob
me: don’t–
cat: slowly, agonizingly walks across boobs